Welcome to my first blog post for Frippery & Sparkle.

I thought perhaps I'd just jump straight in and show you what I've been up to in the past 24 hours... 

So last night, once all my little ones were settled, I holed up in my studio with a glass of wine, a little Netflix, some seaglass and sterling silver wire. 

This was just before bedtime:

Late night jewellery-making in perfect peace

I've recently mastered making my own ear wires which has given me the biggest thrill. For such a small thing, I feel such a sense of pride when they're finished and I know I've made the whole earring from top to bottom. I've scoured the shoreline for the jewels to hang, brought them home and drilled them with great care, cut and shaped and twisted and wrapped the sterling silver wire and chosen any embellishments I might think they need, fashioned the ear wires and finished them off. 

So here they are in the shop this afternoon:

Sterling silver Seaham seaglass earrings

You can find them here if they tickle your fancy ;) 

This afternoon, I have begun a new venture and broken open an enormously pricey packet of silver metal clay. The prohibitive cost of the clay, and arrival of the tiniest lump to experiment with, are really quite scary. But I've bitten the bullet and here is my first ring, drying, waiting for the arrival of various other tools and utensils to finish it off. 

Air-drying a silver metal clay ring (Frippery & Sparkle)

 Wish me luck! <3