Beautiful handmade boho summer bracelets, gemstones, lampwork glass, adjustable.


A collection of summer bracelets, of various materials including gemstones, lampwork, foil and coloured glass, tibetan silver...

1 Pinks: shades of pink glass and foil glass beads with silver plated glitter beads.
2 Red agate: red agate gemstones and silver plated glitter beads.
3 Green glass: Turquoise discs, green hues of glass and tibetan silver flowers.
4 Blues: blue glass and tibetan silver stars.
5 Amethyst: oval amethyst beads with silver plated glitter beads.
6 Blue goldstone: glittering blue goldstone with silver plated glitter beads.
7 Pink roses: pink lampwork beads with delicate roses, and tibetan silver tubes.
8 Greens: Turquoise discs, identical green glass beads and tibetan silver flowers.
9 Reds: red hues of glass and vintage brass beads.

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