Dendritic Opal ring, sterling silver, size M 1/2 (UK) 6 3/4 (US)

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A handmade sterling silver ring, set with a beautiful oval of Dendritic Opal.

Dendritic Opal, also known as Merlinite, is known for its dendrites - the little inclusions that often resemble small ferns or plants.
It has long been considered to enhance spiritual growth and intuition, bringing hope and courage at times of change, and boosting intuition.

This particular stone has an almost pictorial quality, with the stronger white of a landscape at the bottom, and an overhanging tree. At least, that's how I see it... What do you see?

Made in a simple style to let this stunning stone do the talking.

Size M 1/2 (UK)
Size 6 3/4 (US)

Any questions, please just ask.

Alice x

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