River Glass Seaglass Choker on thick leather rope.


There is a spot by the river I don't visit very often.

I save it.

For times when my spirits sorely need lifting.

And I just plain can't resist it when the outside temperature has plummeted to below freezing and the vegetation glistens and sparkles with frost, or groans under the snow. Just along from where I park, there's a stony 'beach'.

And at every step something catches my eye: a bright blue marble (how *do* marbles end up in the river?), a piece of terribly old pottery, or a glimmer of glass.

This necklace is a perfect example of such pieces - a palest green shard of river glass from the Wear, up here in the North-East of England, tumbled and smoothed and softened by its journey. Brought home and wrapped with copper, soldered with lead-free solder, hung in its own silver plated copper wire frame, and strung on a thick piece of dark brown leather rope.

The glass measures 3.5cm at its highest point and 3cm at its widest.

The leather rope is choker-length, but I can certainly be persuaded to hang them on longer lengths, or on waxed cotton if you prefer.
You need only ask.

Fastened with a lobster clasp.

And supplied in a little gift box.

Any questions, please just ask. I'm happy to help.

Alice x

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