Smooth, Glowing Seaglass Necklace. Sterling Silver wire on Sterling Silver Chain


A stunningly smooth and glowing droplet pendant.

We took tea-making equipment and breakfast provisions and made a little fire under the cliffs. Then we went beachcombing, searching for that telltale glittering in the sand along the shore.

Fashioned from a unique piece of Seaham seaglass, gathered directly from the waves (with a squeal of joy at its singularly beautiful shape - it's *so rare* to find anything like this) and brought home to be tumbled just a little bit more. Until it is so smooth it actually appears to glow.

Twisted onto sterling silver wire and hung on a sterling silver chain.

From the first foray onto the beach, through the foraging along the shore, the waiting for many days until the tumbling is done and the final assembling of the finished product held all along in my mind, every step is a pleasure (except, perhaps, the waiting!)

Sent to you in its own lovely presentation gift box.

If you have any queries, please do send me a message. I'm happy to help.

Alice x

Custom orders also considered.

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