Seaham seaglass and hammered brass earrings on oxidised sterling silver earwires. One of a kind.


A pair of beautiful Seaham seaglass earrings, gathered directly from the waves and brought home to be drilled, wrapped in wire and strung from brass.

The pair is as matching as humanly possible, since we work with what the ocean offers... though these ones are a rather fine match.

As you may well have read on my shop before: gathering days on the beach are my favourite days of all. Sometimes alone, sometimes just the two of us, and sometimes with the whole menagerie, each of us meandering up the shoreline, eyes glued to the ground, watching for the telltale sparkle of a piece of glass amongst the pebbles and sand.

And the delicate business of drilling each piece without shattering it holds its own heart-stopping pleasure.

On oxidised sterling silver earwires.

Simple. Clean. Authentic.

Any questions, please just ask.

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